Monday, May 21, 2018

Testing & Commissioning Manager

  Testing & Commissioning Manager - Rail Systems & MEP

Testing & Commissioning Manager – MEP & Rail Systems required for a Major Rail Project in central Doha – Qatar. This project has more than 18 Months left to run until operationally delivered.

Our client is a European client (Contractor) . They have an extremely strong order book , good cash flow & good employee relations .People simply don’t leave the business due to good working conditions and superb rates of pay .

They want to interview ASAP with the thought of having someone in the hot seat for JUNE 2018 Latest ....Do you have a can do attitude and like the challenges of a major project.

Working as the 2nd in command to the Project Director you will be responsible for the Full Commissioning & Handover for the project : 50 Km + Of Dual Track , 7 Underground Stations , 11 Overground . This is a vast project and really is see as one of the Key Projects in Doha – QATAR .

Now are you capable of the following:

-    Implement Commission and Handover Strategy
-    Delivery & Full Management of O&M Manuals / As Built Records
-    RAMS
-    Produce a Project Handover Plan
-    Operations Training Plan
-    Maintenance Plan

You will have superb communication skills and you will have a track record of gaining buy in from Employer , Consultants , Sub Contractors and you team. You will run a tight and slick ship and will be able to make this department really yours. You will be aware of the challenges and frustrations that occur on major rail projects in the GCC .

You will be able to delve into your vast experience to foresee the speed bumps and hurdles well before they affect or delay the Master Program. Does this project excite you as it should. The management team are all long terms employees and this is a new role to bring a real expert into the business .

Our client expects to see:

-    15 Years in this specific Rail Sector
-    10 Years in Large Scale Complex LRT , MTR , Underground , Metro type works .
-    Degree In Engineering from Western University
-    Minimum of 2 References that NSR ASSOCIATES can approach
-    Must be able to communication in strong English – At times will be required to chair meetings and write contractual letters so this is - CRITICAL

About the Company
At NSR we pride ourselves on market knowledge, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Through personal relationships and knowledge of what our clients look for in specific requirements we like to pride ourselves on matching people to the right role.

The partners at NSR have always dealt with people in an open and honest manner and as a company we are driven to find the right opportunity for people enhancing their career where ever this may be worldwide.

We work on the principal that every person we deal with is a potential client, this process has proved beneficial for us as there are many people we have dealt with on the International circuit that have approached NSR Associates to recruit for them as a client after we have worked on their behalf as a candidate.

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