Saturday, May 26, 2018

Safety Advisor

  Scope of this Role:

- To help the Business Unit Director to drive team effort aligned to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization as a whole. The role is strategic in nature focusing on actively driving the Business Unit, Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance throughout the department.

Job Responsibilities:

-    To assist in the implementation of Health & Safety Management system within the TG maintained facilities and ensure its compliance with International Safety Standards. advise the business units with in TG for the health & safety matters for implementation of health & safety management system.
-    Maintain all the records & documents related to the HSE for all the business units for the external audits & the audits from the clients. Attend audits with the external auditors & clients whenever required.
-    Prepare all the necessary HSE documents as per the client & legal requirements for the new site before the mobilization. Carry out risk assessment & suggest control measures for the identified hazards to mitigate the same.
-    Regularly review all the risk assessments & maintain the validity of the risk assessments as per the legal requirements. Work closely with the TG client's health & safety representatives to ensure TG staffs are falling in line with the client's health & safety procedures.
-    Carry out regular site visit to the TG accommodations to ensure the safety standards are implemented & practiced. Prepare aspect/impact register for the TG sites prepare COSHH assessments for the chemicals used in the TG sites.
-    Carry out building safety assessment for the TG accommodations. Assist the facility manager/ safety manager in investigating accidents or incidents to identify conditions that cause accidents and seek actions to prevent the same.
-    Regularly monitor safety standards in the TG managed sites therefore ensuring smooth running of daily shifts in safety related matters. Coordinate with local authority/ bodies for mutual assistance and liaise with Civil Defense during emergencies to mitigate loss of life and damage to property.
-    Conduct inspections related to fire and safety therefore ensuring all buildings are compliant in all matters relating to fire safety conduct toolbox talks with members of other departments therefore ensuring all departments are fully aware of all safety procedures.
-    Conduct safety audits/ inspection in the sites to identify the HSE improvement opportunities. Any other business related task assigned by the senior HSE manager.
-    Record and maintain a database of all inspections conducted to follow up and identify corrective actions.

- Ideal Candidate must have Min 2-3 Years experience in a Similar Position.

Desired Soft Skills include:

-    Excellent communication skills
-    Active Career Development
-    Body Language Awareness
-    Business Process Analysis
-    Cultural Awareness
-    Customer Complaint Handling
-    Customer relationship management
-    Customer Service Awareness
-    Drug & Alcohol Awareness+CCC53
-    Effective Business Writing Skills
-    Effective Negotiation Skills & Conflict Resolution
-    Effective Presentation Skills
-    Environmental Awareness
-    Hierarchy and Responsibility Recognition
-    Incident & Accident Reporting

Desired Hard Skills include:

-    Business Financial Management
-    Commercial Awareness
-    Contract Administration and Management
-    Development of robust KPIs
-    Facilities Management Policy
-    Intermediate Computer Skill
-    QHSE Management
-    Service Innovation
-    Soft Services Delivery & Design
-    Strategic Planning /Orientation
-    Technical Services Delivery & Design

About the Company
Transguard Workforce Solutions delivers Professional Contract Staffing (also known as Employee Outsourcing) within the UAE.

Our Workforce Solutions include:

Delivering Sourcing and Recruitment Solutions for Clients in need of identifying Contract or temporary Staff.
Providing a complete end to end Staffing Solution which includes Visa Sponsorship, HR Management, Employee Welfare & Payroll Services.
Transitioning Contract Staff from other staffing providers to Transguard while remaining compliant with UAE Labour and Immigration Laws.
Transguard Workforce Solutions currently employ over 1300+ Staff from over 70 different nationalities. Across the Group, we payroll over 48,000 employees monthly and provide 3 Year Immigration Visas.

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