Friday, May 11, 2018

Outdoor Sales Representative for Innovative Interior Surface Finish

 Job description:
The sales representative candidate will be responsible for proactive targeting of potential clients in the construction industry and all related domains, contacting them personally, and setting meeting for demo, with the aim of selling our innovative surface finish products.

Duties and responsibilities among others include:
-    Selling high-end and competitive interior surface finish, while going out to obtain new clients and sales leads.
-    Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails.
-    Calling to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business.
-    Keeping an updated database of existing and prospective clients.
-    Giving feedback about response of our product to the Supervisors and management to assist in improving our product and target audience.

The sales representative candidate must have competency and expertise in business development & sales, with the following qualifications:
-    Must be resident in UAE.
-    Must have over 3 years experience in sales in UAE.
-    Must own car and have driving license issued by UAE authorities.
-    Must be fluent in English.

Only candidates who fulfill ALL of the above mentioned qualifications may apply.

As stated in job title, the required position is for Outdoor Sales, strictly not Tele Sales or Tele Marketing

-    This job opportunity is addressed only to freelancers or to employers who would like to generate additional income in after work hours, full time flexibility assured, and income based on HIGH PERCENTAGE only.
-    Knowledge in interior contracting or real estate sales or facility management, is a big asset.

About the Company
At Marconi Mizaje, we devise and innovate Interior Surface Treatments to fit the vision of the intended Interior Design.


Interior Design Surfaces are more than mere space boundaries. They embrace, enhance, and reveal the character of Interior Design in the same matter that our very own clothes reveal ours.


Marconi Mizaje is dedicated to ever innovate distinctive surface treatment effects to fit Interior Space Surfaces with the flair they truly deserve.

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