Thursday, April 5, 2018

Specialist Oral Surgeon

Administer general and local anesthetics.
Administer anesthetics or sedatives to control pain.
Collaborate with other professionals, such as restorative dentists and orthodontists, to plan treatment.
Collaborate with healthcare professionals to plan or provide treatment.
Evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth to determine whether problems exist currently or might occur in the future.
Analyze patient data to determine patient needs or treatment goals.
Perform surgery to prepare the mouth for dental implants, and to aid in the regeneration of deficient bone and gum tissues.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.
Remove impacted, damaged, and non-restorable teeth.
Treat dental problems or diseases.
Treat infections of the oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws, and neck.
Treat acute illnesses, infections, or injuries.
Remove tumors and other abnormal growths of the oral and facial regions, using surgical instruments.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.
Provide emergency treatment of facial injuries including facial lacerations, intra-oral lacerations, and fractured facial bones.
Treat medical emergencies.
Treat problems affecting the oral mucosa, such as mouth ulcers and infections.
Treat acute illnesses, infections, or injuries.
Restore form and function by moving skin, bone, nerves, and other tissues from other parts of the body to reconstruct the jaws and face.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.
Perform surgery on the mouth and jaws to treat conditions such as cleft lip and palate and jaw growth problems.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.
Perform minor cosmetic procedures, such as chin and cheekbone enhancements.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.
Perform minor facial rejuvenation procedures, including the use of Botox and laser technology.
Treat chronic diseases or disorders.
Treat snoring problems, using laser surgery.
Operate on patients to treat conditions.

1. Ideal candidates should be licensed as Specialist with HAAD or DHA
2. Preferably with Western qualifications and Arabic speaking
3. Available to join immediately
4. Locally available in the UAE
5. Any nationality, European Nationality's an advantage.

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