Thursday, April 5, 2018

Operational Site Coordinator

• Liaises with the Service Provider to plan the schedule for operational site based activities during the trial running and trial operations phase
• Attends witness testing events and provision of no objection on behalf of Company Service Delivery where activities are in accordance with acceptance criteria
• Provides of assurance to the O&M Metro team that the site based activities are in accordance with the Service Providers Operational Rule Book, and approved standards, processes and procedures;
• Regularly reports back to Company on the progress and any issues arising
• Attends periodic progress review meetings and represents Company Service Delivery
• Advises the Company Service Delivery Team on any alteration to the trial operations schedule and jointly consider mitigations to ensure timely revenue service commencement
• Ensures that environmental impacts arising as a result of site based testing activities are properly managed and fully compliant with all the local legislation and Company policy.
• Provides input to O&M Metro reports and presentations to Company Senior Management team
• Verifies that the Service Providers’ personnel have the necessary training and competences to complete the trial operations activities
• Captures and inputs into the Metro residual risk register drawing input from information received on site making changes as necessary to ensure safety case is achieved Complies with all Company CMS Policies and Standard Procedures;
• Performs and carries out other duties as instructed / directed by the O&M Metro Senior Manager;
• Provides support to O&M Department regarding for the resolution of complex issues, compliance issues and potential problems related to maintenance.

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Facilities or Operational management or other railway related area.
• Membership of Institute of Railway Operators or other equivalent professional association.
• 10 years of general railway operations experience.
• 5 years experience in an automated operational railway essential.
• Working knowledge of the principles of railway operational rules, standards and procedures.
• Understanding of the rail systems such as GOA4 operation, moving block signalling systems, traction power supply distribution, platform screen doors, automatic fare collection, track and crossovers, control and communication systems and E&M systems, their functions and operations.

About the Company
Qatar Project Management (QPM) is an independent subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Development Company that provides expertise in Project Management, Design Management, Construction Management, and Contract Administration together with other associated Project Management functions. Established in 2008, QPM is centralized platform for provision of Project Management services to Barwa and Qatari Diar as well as local and international markets. QPM provides these services through an in-house team of highly-skilled, motivated, and qualified professionals supported by state-of-the-art information technology and highly-effective Project Management systems.

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