Saturday, April 21, 2018

Assistant Manager - Flight Planning System Ops Control and Support

 - Permanently update and maintain up to date flight planning system data ensuring current and accurate information is available, in order to support safe and efficient dynamic route selection for WY flight planning purpose. Ensure state published aeronautical information & aircraft performance data accurately reflected in flight planning database & company documentation. Manage and maintain NOTAM (state and company), ensure all information is correctly disseminated to flight dispatchers and flight crew. Create (if required) company operational restriction, or limitations and insert the same into flight planning system.

- Maintain detailed air traffic flow management-restriction data and ensure that the database reflects all route information, if applicable. Create awareness and provide guidance to staff with respect to the optimization of WY route planning strategies, both for en-route and terminal arrival & departure tracks.

- Execute system testing and implementation of flight dispatch support systems in close liaison with IT, flight operations, and flight planning service provider data maintenance department to ensure a delivery of quality product for flight dispatch and flight crew. Systematically initiate data quality check to ensure product is delivered according to agreed and signed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

- Provide guidance and communication to the flight dispatch, flight operations management and fleet management pilots on all changes in present and future air navigation information, as well as technical system changes which may impact standard operations procedure. Communicate to other WY departments, if required all information related to present and future flight dispatch support technology. Collect and review requests for FPL System improvements, analyse received information, coordinate system changes with relevant internal- external business units. Evaluate new flight planning system modules including business case analyses of the new modules-features. Advice direct manager (including business case results) if implementation of new modules-features seems reasonable for flight operations.

Education & Experience:
Bachelor degree in a related discipline with 6 years of relevant work experience, preferably in flight planning system management of an Commercial Airline OR Two years college diploma in a related discipline with 8 years of relevant work experience of which a minimum of 04 years as a supervisory role in Flight Dispatch or Navigation Department. OR Specialised certificate / license in the related field with Secondary School and having 12 years of WY / Aviation experience in similar functions.

Special Skills & Knowledge:
Proficiency in English (Spoken & Written) Proficient in MS Office Strong proven ability to make decision, especially in a limited time period Ability to pick up, summarize and present to difficult technical stuff to his/her subordinates in a simple and understandable language. Excellent communication skills Good analytical skills & accurate attention to detail Excellent time management skills & prompt reaction to changes Excellent crisis management skills Ability to create process and procedure Ability to create training material related to flight planning system Management skills especially managing projects under limited time Project management & leadership skills Ability to set up training objectives, create training material and provide training to Flight Dispatch personnel.

About the Company
Oman Air, the flagship company of the Sultanate of Oman's Civil Aviation sector, commenced operations in 1993. Starting off as a regional player, Oman Air, as Oman's national carrier has witnessed rapid growth in the last 14 years. Oman Air has played a major role in making Muscat a major traffic hub in the Middle East providing a fillip to commercial, industrial and tourism activities.

As a full-fledged commercial airline of Oman, Oman Air has striven to maintain high performance standards in all aspects of its operation. The Oman International Services was established in the year 1970 & later Oman Aviation Services was founded on 1981 to extend services to the other airlines in terms of cargo handling, ground handling etc.

The Oman Air fleet consists of most modern and fuel- efficient aircraft with aesthetically designed interiors. Ultra- modern in-flight service equipment is deployed onboard to improve safety and overall performance. Investment in new technology, planning and product innovation has propelled Oman Air to the forefront of the aviation industry.

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