Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Freelance Headhunter - Education or Healthcare

We are looking to work with several recruiters and headhunters in several industries to help our customers find great talent. In this job, we are looking for headhunters experienced in Education OR Healthcare.

We pay fixed fees per job ( 10-20 qualified CVs ), or we can pay fees per month for certain amount of jobs. You can be anywhere to work with us, and no need to come to our office.

- Headhunting; identifying and approaching suitable and passive candidates.
- Developing a good understanding of client companies, their industry, what they do and their work culture and environment.
- Building online professional network of businesses and passive candidates.
- Phone interview with potential candidates to verify their info and interest in the job.
- Write, edit and assist clients in creating job descriptions which match the skills, experience and education needed for the position at hand.

- Bachelor's Degree, business administration or related field

Required Skills and Qualifications
- Proven track of record in headhunting & recruitment within the Information Healthcare or Education/Training sectors
- A strong understanding of online professional networking.
- Excellent communication skills.

About the Company
The current recruitment process for MENA SMEs is very time consuming, inefficient and hectic. The current solutions fits the enterprises rather than SMEs leaving this segment unserved. As recruiting agencies are very expensive, job sites only good for sourcing, and current applicant tracking system are tailored to big enterprises from features and price. Reaching out to max talent needs multiple accounts, payments, and tools from different job sites where you need to aggregate the CVs manually in your folders and manage the rest of the process using emails and excel sheets.

SocialDice offers an innovative digital hiring solution making hiring easy, smart and fun. Employers can advertise their job to several job sites via few clicks and they will manage all candidates from all job sites via our candidates’ dashboard. They will drill down to top 10-15 candidates directly via our Artificial Intelligence technology that leverage machine learning & semantic algorithms, collaborate effectively via our social timeline, communicate with candidates via our features and manage the stages of the process.

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